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Concert With Camberwell HS

The Minarets Music Program is hosting the Camberwell High School Wind Ensemble from Australia this week.  The students are arriving at Minarets on Thursday, March 19, where they will meet their host families.  They will be staying until Monday the 23rd.

On March 20th, their band will play in a combined concert with the Minarets band and choir.  The concert will start at 7 pm, and end around 8:30.  It is free admission, and anyone is welcome to come.  It will feature a tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber, performed by both bands and the choir.

The Australian students will spend all day Saturday with their host families. They will then go to a Wind Festival on Sunday. On Monday, they will leave on their bus for Morro Bay, continuing on their tour of the United States.

This is an excellent opportunity to connect with students from another country and work with some amazing musicians. Please try to make the visitors as welcome as possible, and come support the music program at the concert on the 20th.

Article by Danielle Johnson

Why Diet Soda is bad for you. – Brianna Roland

The reason why Diet Soda is bad for you is because it has a lot of artificial sweeteners. It could also lead to weight gain but not weight loss. As though it may seem diet soda is really bad for you. It is actually worse than regular soda itself. It is associated with an increased risk of type 2 Diabetes.  It has no nutritional value what so ever.  The sweetener in Diet soda is the cause of more headaches. It’s because the artificial sweetener causes the headaches. The more you drink diet it slower the more it slowly kills your smile. Using as a low calorie cocktail mixer has the dangerous effect of getting you drunk. Diet soda also confuses your body, so over time products like diet soda dull our senses to naturally sweet foods like fruit.  Diet-Sodas google.com

Disney Music (Into the Wood )

When music was inserted into Disney:


They use it to keep the movie going. It like if you take a song out you lost a chunk of the story.


How the music is composed:


Disney Hires 4-8 Writer used in the passes movies. They then work together and use the plot as a idea of the movie. They make the Instrumental part of the song. They use all kinds of Instruments. They then have them write Lyrics that can use in a way of tell the story. The Strong are important part in the process of the Disney movie process. They use the songs to tell the story so if you miss a song, your miss a chunk of the story that is being told.


How music is chosen:


The movies producers chose the song that best match the story flow and that keeps the movie story going. They have 25-30 songs made. They go carefully through the songs. They have a big seach made of the story and they tell them how many of the songs fit. They have them make more and tell them they need to fit in this part. They them save the songs that didn’t match


How much money did it make:  


Into the woods made $126,969,892 in the time shown In the united states. This did not include The United Kingdom results. They had the heart of many people ,children and teen the most. The movie had took 50$ million to make and had close to 173.4 million has an outcome to the movie.

Written by Vanessa Sanchez

Why I stopped buying plastic water bottles


They’re destroying the ocean

According to Integrated Waste Management Authority, it is estimated that over 86% of the ocean’s debris is plastic.

Eighty.. Six… Percent… Let that sink in…

It is absolutely terrifying to realize just how much we are directly affecting our environment with the waste we produce.Right now, there are 46,000 of plastic per square kilometer of the World’s oceans. This in turn kills over a million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals per year. That is a lot of animals that never got to live out their lives, or one might say a lot of food lost to plastic.

They never go away

Every second there are 1,500 water bottles being consumed in the US alone. (source) Every single one of those plastic water bottles will stay on the earth forever. 80% of water bottles are NOT recycled. Plastics do not biodegrade, they only break down smaller from exposure to the elements. These smaller plastic pieces are unfortunately mistaken for food to our marine life. This is not only a tragedy to their life, but ours as well. As our food chain becomes poisoned by the plastic pollution in their environment, they come back to us in the form of toxic food. Scary.

They’re bad for our body

Bottled water (and all other plastics) contain BPA and/or phthalates, endocrine disruptingchemicals that interfere with the hormones are body naturally produces. These disruptions can be linked with irregular hormone function, reproductive problems, neurological difficulties, low sperm count, and even several forms of cancer. 22% of water bottle brands have chemical containtments that are at levels above state guidelines. Not only that, but they’re not required to provide a source, be tested for e. coli, or are required to produce quality reports like tap water is. So in all honesty, we don’t know what potential harmful chemicals are within plastic water bottles or plastic in general.

They’re costing us 
50 billion water bottles are purchased in the US alone. Worldwide, more than $100 billion dollars are spent towards bottled water. (Source) Bottled water is 2000x MORE expensive than tap water.


  • Water bottles (and all other plastics) are destroying the ocean
  • Water bottles (and all other plastics) do not ever go away, they just become smaller.
  • Water bottles (and all other plastics) contain hormone-disrupting chemcials that cause a host of issues.
  • Water bottles (and all other plastics) are costing us A LOT of money.   

What can we do?  

Instead of using water bottles, tote around a stainless steel water bottle or a mason jar. Mason jars have water-tight lids so you can be sure they won’t spill, if you’re afraid of them breaking don’t worry. They are stronger than you think, I have been carrying my 32-ounce mason jar in my backpack for two years, hasn’t even cracked. Take baby steps and remember that the less plastic you use the better!

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Article by Emily A. Ward

Back Stage – All Access Chuck Otero

Minarets High School is a one of a kind school, with activities to suite close to any needs. MHS has a brilliant music department, so many dedicated musicians who spend hours rehearsing and performing. But some of us perform for the Minarets Music Department in a different way, some of us are Stagehands, Lighting Engineers, Sound Engineers, or just helping out. These people are who make any show come alive, from building stages, pushing carts and amplifiers to rolling out cable. Minarets High School is a great place to learn the basics of working the theater/rock style Stagehand business. A few individuals to recognize would be Charles Otero, Cody McNaught, and Jake Fiske. Mr Otero has been working as the Head Stagehand/Engineer since his freshman year 2011, Mr McNaught has been assisting since 2014, and lastly Mr Fiske has been assisting in stagecraft since the past 2014/2015 school year. If you are interested and would like to get involved in becoming a Sound Engineer, Lighting Engineer, or Stagehand contact the Music Director; Brett Moglia.

Technology By Ashley Worgull


Ashley Worgull

Here at Minarets we are commended for being technologically advanced among other schools. When it comes down to it, technology is going to become more and more advanced as past actions have proven. Whether or not people will be able to keep up is another situation all together. I used to go to another high school before I moved here and transferred schools. In respect of my former school I won’t mention the name. At my former school we had computer classes that were called “information technology” or “careers”. I took these business classes as often as I could and, thought I was “technology oriented”. After coming to Minarets, I realized I was very wrong. I found it odd that no one used paper, or books, or pencils for that matter. After coming to school and finishing my junior year here, I was forced to take a break due to a major family emergency. over the past 10 months, i’ve spent a great amount of time at the childrens hospital, and while there (out of pure boredom) I noticed the machines and technology all around me. As I looked at these machines with great curiosity I began to wonder exactly how they worked, sure one may have monitored blood pressure while another monitored heart rate, but how? These questions usually got the better of me and often led to my interrogation of the nurses. I remember a few months ago, after sitting in the hospital for about 6 hours that day, I looked over to my mom, pointed to a heart rate monitor and asked “how do you think this works?” She simply responded “I don’t care, as long as it does it job”  That statement made me think about how many other people think that way, “I don’t care how my cell phone works, as long as it keeps working” The point is, here at minarets you could take a few steps in any direction and bump into an individual who knows exactly how your laptop works, although if you ask someone at another school or an individual over 40 years old, your answer will most likely be “who cares?” Which naturally prompts me to wonder if people will still be all knowing and passionate about technology after high school, when technology is different and more complex. Technology is not just computers and cell phones, it’s in science and medical advances, security, entertainment, government, school,and work. Technology is everywhere and almost everything and what good will come from knowing how to build a website, when you need to rewire a circuit board? other schools don’t seem to realize this, but im glad minarets does.

The ASB Student Council is Flawed

The ASB (Associated Student Body) is a council made up exclusively of students, their tasks involve being in charge of fundraising, culture, and general decision making for the school. Normally the ASB is an independent club however it is done a bit differently at Minarets High. Instead the presidents of all the various clubs of Minarets come forward as representatives of their club, and at the beginning of the year they were elected into the different positions. The ASB meets every Wednesday at lunch, where they normally approve fundraisers and allocate the school’s funds.

Now for their flaws. If the ASB was an actual government of a country, I could have the audacity to call them corrupt and lazy. Corrupt in the regards that they do not operate in the way a student council should, and lazy in the regards that no one there really seems to be willing to put in the time and effort to make it operate like one.

I have been to several of the ASB meetings, so I will describe my experiences. First off, the “meeting room” is in a classroom of the AG building, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with it being a classroom, but I think it would be best if it had privacy away from biased staff members. Something I noticed right away when attending these meetings, there were never more than 7 students attending the meeting maximum, and that includes myself and the ASB president, who doesn’t partake in any of the votes. If the entirety of the ASB is composed of all the presidents from all of Minarets’ clubs, then there should be 17 students at most attending assuming all the clubs listed on the website are included. That would mean more than half of the council doesn’t even bother coming.

Now for how the meetings usually play out. The first order is always approving the previous meetings minutes, not sure why but I don’t think that’s uncommon for meetings like this. The second order is often a few fundraisers seeking approval. And the final order is often the allocation of the school’s funds. This is where the president states our treasurer’s report, which includes our balance and our income and outcome. After that, the president lists off every single thing that must be either approved or disapproved. This is where the main problem lies, which brings the ASB into the lazy category. The president will offer “Is there a motion to approve all expenditures?” yes literally all of them, there is usually around 20 or more that is listed. And like clockwork, “I make a motion to approve all expenditures.” Then someone always seconds, followed by a vote. “All for approving all expenditures?” most of everyone will say yea, “All opposed?” nothing, absolute silence. And just like that all expenditures are approved, that was the final order, everyone can move onto lunch, and that barely took 5 minutes.

I have never seen a time, where they didn’t approve all expenditures, when they absolutely shouldn’t. Often enough, the balance might be a fair amount, but the funds that have to be approved completely eclipse what is available. So the normal course of action is to, unfortunately, consider a few budget cuts. The FFA often have the largest amount of things seeking approval which also require the largest sums, and on occasion the Media club. Me and another attendee both agree that making a few cuts there would be the wise and sensible course of action, but nobody would possibly be willing to spend the extra 5 minutes to cut back a few of them to save money. Everyone clearly wants to leave as soon as possible so they can proceed to their lunch immediately. This really makes me think no one there takes any of it remotely seriously.

After attending another meeting, the balance was a relatively meager amount, and the funds requested were jaw dropping excessive. Nothing happened differently of course. I spoke with the other attendee about how appalled we both were that all of those were approved without a second thought. We spoke a little about how someone needs to actually stand up and say nay to approving all of them, that’s when I asked “Has anyone ever tried?” He said “We have. A while ago we tried declining one of the FFA things, because it was way too much. But after we tried [the adviser] was all like “Why are you declining it?” and just gave us a death stare, then just kept pestering us for doing it. So we ended up not declining any of the FFA stuff.”

This is absolutely outrageous. The ASB needs to have members actually care to attend, not have a borderline empty club. And it needs to have those members actually care about what goes on in the meetings, not just voting yea on everything to escape to lunch in record times. And perhaps the most important, the council has to be completely immune to anyone who does not have a vote, influencing the votes to meet their own ends, especially if it yields negative results. The ASB Student Council needs to change and operate as a competent group of students willing to lead and manage the school in a way that progresses it to be better.