Minarets Music (Rock Performance)

The Minarets Music Department came to a fresh new start with new staff this year for the 2014-2015 school year. Brett Moglia is the new Music Director for Minarets High School.

The Rock Performance class took a new turn and started learning song covers from the Allman Brothers, Metallica, and a mix of opinionated favorite power trio bands such as Rush, ZZ Top, and Grand Funk Railroad. The Rock Performance groups will be performing at the schools rally’s, the minarets fall showcase, and the Fall Rock Show for the 2014 fall semester.

Schoolwide Technology Deployed

Those of us who don’t own our own laptops were very happy to receive our school MacBooks last week.  After having no laptop all summer, it feels like being reunited with an old friend.  Mr. Sparks and our student tech support team distributed over 500 devices in two and a half days.  As a part of the tech support team, I was a witness to the madness behind the scenes.  Every laptop had to be charged, tested, cleaned, and given to the right people.  Let me tell you, we need a class on how to take care of your laptops, because some of the ones we went through were monstrosities; some were broken, some were missing screws, and some were just disgustingly dirty.  I was afraid I was going to get some disease after touching these computers, and we went through a half a bottle of hand sanitizer in less than a week.  I’m still alive though, and it was a lot of fun hanging out in the IT room all day.  I hope all students are happy to finally have the technology that is part of what makes this school so great.  I know I am!

I want to acknowledge my fellow geeks: Jacob Paskell, Austin Boatright, Jared Dowell, Nicholas Cochrane, Samuel Peterson, Chad King, Mitchell Hendry, and of course our wonderful IT teacher John Sparks.  Great job guys!


Doctor Who – Bree Ramirez

Doctor Who is an amazing show, if you don’t like this show then you need to rewire your brain until you do. It is a show about an alien called a Time Lord, who is all alone in the world. He travels with a companion and saves not only Earth, but other planets as well.

This show is amazing, but it is also extremely sad, it has a lot of sad parts, characters that you’ll fall in love with end up dying when you think that they will survive, and the person who plays Doctor, keeps on regenerating, making there be a new actor lmost every other season. It is heartbreaking.

Even though it has its sad parts, it is an amazing show and it should be watched by everyone. Just have tissues nearby.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 2.20.13 PM

Child Abuse- Brianna Roland

Article Summary: Child abuse is any act commission or omission that endangers a child’s physical or emotional health and or development. Child abuse is any damage done to the child. Child abuse has always and continues to be a problem in the USA. There are several forms of child abuse. Some including Physical, neglect, sexual abuse etc. Every ten seconds the are reports of child abuse and approximately 1 out of 4 children die from abuse. That is almost 70% percent of the children in the USA.



What I think: Honestly, what I think about child abuse is that people should do something about it.  Child abuse has been a big problem and its really only getting worse. Children really don’t have a choice on being born nor do they have the choice of getting abused. One of the main reason children are being abused is because their parents were abused when they were children, so they grew up being beaten, so they just take from there childhood. Children deserve to be in a loving home because it will impact their life so much.. So we should really try to stop child abuse because who knows how many lives we could save by putting a stop to it.

People You Should Know

8:45 this morning in the music room, Samuel Peterson was seen playing piano in room 302. As his fingers blazed across the keys, onlookers subconsciously remarked, “Gee wilikers, that kid can play.”, “I wish I hadn’t given up piano when I was six, then maybe there would be a chance of retaining at least a quarter of his skill.”, “I forgot to wear clean underwear today.” All of them burning with jealousy, and the desire to force friendship upon him. Unfortunately, the bell rang before he could complete his fourth round through Nyan Cat, which he was playing at twice the speed that is humanly possible. He has mad skill. Mad skill.

Moral of this article, converse with this super cool cat, and make sure to wear clean underwear.

Possum out.