Ebola is a rare infectious disease that is normally found in 3rd world countries. Symptoms of Ebola are bleeding inside and outside the body. This is caused by a lack in the level of blood-clotting. 90% of individuals who are infected die. Unfortunately there is of yet no known cure for the virus.
Recently there has been an outbreak of the virus with the epicenter being Africa, specifically Sierra Leone. Over 1,900 people have died already from infection and the most recently estimated cost of the fight against the virus is around $600M.
Some American civilians have begun to worry of the possibility of an Ebola outbreak in the United States. Almost all scientists around the the globe agree that the chance of the virus spreading out of West Africa is little to none. It is true that Ebola-infected patients have been brought into the United States, but there are strong safety measures and regulations imposed upon this process.

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