Lyric Piccolotti

My name is Lyric, I dye my hair about every month. Its a little bit of an addiction, unfortunately I haven’t found the appropriate support group to join, apparently it isn’t a general issue yet. Watermelon is my favorite fruit, I can split one perfectly in half with my small, polished fists. My closest friends consist of a handful of fictional characters, and my cat Meep. Yes. Yes I am lonely. My favorite book of all time is The Princess Bride, followed closely by Pillars of The Earth. Dragon Lance is my favorite series however. I enjoy reading both manga and American comic books, Marvel over DC. I can’t name my favorite movie, for there are many, all of equal importance to me. I find cough syrup both disgusting and unstomachable, and because of the spiraling gossip surrounding the cherry and grape flavored shaved ice I have never partooken in any such food. Some would be so crass as to argue that shaved ice is in fact a beverage, to that, I say hah. Mint ice cream is the best.

Hope you enjoyed reading my autobiography, have a good life.


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