Why I stopped buying plastic water bottles


They’re destroying the ocean

According to Integrated Waste Management Authority, it is estimated that over 86% of the ocean’s debris is plastic.

Eighty.. Six… Percent… Let that sink in…

It is absolutely terrifying to realize just how much we are directly affecting our environment with the waste we produce.Right now, there are 46,000 of plastic per square kilometer of the World’s oceans. This in turn kills over a million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals per year. That is a lot of animals that never got to live out their lives, or one might say a lot of food lost to plastic.

They never go away

Every second there are 1,500 water bottles being consumed in the US alone. (source) Every single one of those plastic water bottles will stay on the earth forever. 80% of water bottles are NOT recycled. Plastics do not biodegrade, they only break down smaller from exposure to the elements. These smaller plastic pieces are unfortunately mistaken for food to our marine life. This is not only a tragedy to their life, but ours as well. As our food chain becomes poisoned by the plastic pollution in their environment, they come back to us in the form of toxic food. Scary.

They’re bad for our body

Bottled water (and all other plastics) contain BPA and/or phthalates, endocrine disruptingchemicals that interfere with the hormones are body naturally produces. These disruptions can be linked with irregular hormone function, reproductive problems, neurological difficulties, low sperm count, and even several forms of cancer. 22% of water bottle brands have chemical containtments that are at levels above state guidelines. Not only that, but they’re not required to provide a source, be tested for e. coli, or are required to produce quality reports like tap water is. So in all honesty, we don’t know what potential harmful chemicals are within plastic water bottles or plastic in general.

They’re costing us 
50 billion water bottles are purchased in the US alone. Worldwide, more than $100 billion dollars are spent towards bottled water. (Source) Bottled water is 2000x MORE expensive than tap water.


  • Water bottles (and all other plastics) are destroying the ocean
  • Water bottles (and all other plastics) do not ever go away, they just become smaller.
  • Water bottles (and all other plastics) contain hormone-disrupting chemcials that cause a host of issues.
  • Water bottles (and all other plastics) are costing us A LOT of money.   

What can we do?  

Instead of using water bottles, tote around a stainless steel water bottle or a mason jar. Mason jars have water-tight lids so you can be sure they won’t spill, if you’re afraid of them breaking don’t worry. They are stronger than you think, I have been carrying my 32-ounce mason jar in my backpack for two years, hasn’t even cracked. Take baby steps and remember that the less plastic you use the better!

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Article by Emily A. Ward

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