Disney Music (Into the Wood )

When music was inserted into Disney:


They use it to keep the movie going. It like if you take a song out you lost a chunk of the story.


How the music is composed:


Disney Hires 4-8 Writer used in the passes movies. They then work together and use the plot as a idea of the movie. They make the Instrumental part of the song. They use all kinds of Instruments. They then have them write Lyrics that can use in a way of tell the story. The Strong are important part in the process of the Disney movie process. They use the songs to tell the story so if you miss a song, your miss a chunk of the story that is being told.


How music is chosen:


The movies producers chose the song that best match the story flow and that keeps the movie story going. They have 25-30 songs made. They go carefully through the songs. They have a big seach made of the story and they tell them how many of the songs fit. They have them make more and tell them they need to fit in this part. They them save the songs that didn’t match


How much money did it make:  


Into the woods made $126,969,892 in the time shown In the united states. This did not include The United Kingdom results. They had the heart of many people ,children and teen the most. The movie had took 50$ million to make and had close to 173.4 million has an outcome to the movie.

Written by Vanessa Sanchez

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