Community college – Dakota Scharnick

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Attending community college first can be a great way to save money and adjust to more harsh academic life of college, PLUS you save tons of money. At a community college, you are able to take general requirement classes like math and history and get those out of the way. When you transfer to a University, you can focus all your energy on your specific area of a study. Go to a community college, get good grades, an then transfer to a university, you’ll be set and save a lot of money. 

Advantage of going to a community college in your hometown

  • You can still live at home. It saves a significant amount of money in your first few years of school
  • You might know people who are also going to the same college as you, which makes going from high school to college less intimidating

Advantage of going to a community college in a new area

  • You’ll expand your career options
  • You can get out and see a whole new world

The pros of community college

  • Gives students the chance to prepare for the financial demands of a 4-year university if you plan on transfering
  • Flexible schedule
  • Gives students an opportunity to explore major options
  • Smaller classes
  • Qualified professors
  • Transitional
  • General requirement classes
  • Basically gives you a second chance if your grades weren’t all that great in high school

How to apply to a community college

  • Keep a list of application and supporting material deadlines near your admissions forms
  • lay out your short and long term educational goals in a personal statement to a community college
  • Fill out request forms for official transcripts from past schools to complete your community college application
  • Prepare to provide proof of income for your community college experience to show your reliability
  • Show your academic aptitude

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