Back Stage – All Access Chuck Otero

Minarets High School is a one of a kind school, with activities to suite close to any needs. MHS has a brilliant music department, so many dedicated musicians who spend hours rehearsing and performing. But some of us perform for the Minarets Music Department in a different way, some of us are Stagehands, Lighting Engineers, Sound Engineers, or just helping out. These people are who make any show come alive, from building stages, pushing carts and amplifiers to rolling out cable. Minarets High School is a great place to learn the basics of working the theater/rock style Stagehand business. A few individuals to recognize would be Charles Otero, Cody McNaught, and Jake Fiske. Mr Otero has been working as the Head Stagehand/Engineer since his freshman year 2011, Mr McNaught has been assisting since 2014, and lastly Mr Fiske has been assisting in stagecraft since the past 2014/2015 school year. If you are interested and would like to get involved in becoming a Sound Engineer, Lighting Engineer, or Stagehand contact the Music Director; Brett Moglia.

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