Review on Michael Vaughan

I have spent quite a lot of time in Mr. Vaughan’s Classroom. I am in his class anytime, except when I’m supposed to be. He is an all around great person with great respect for others. He is a very quiet person at first, but once you get to know him he’s not so quiet. He’s a great teacher, though I love nothing more than to push his buttons and complain about every assignment he gives. I normally always get them done, even if they are weeks late. Mr. Vaughan is kind of a nature freak, literally every assignment involves nature somehow. If it’s not nature then it’s the environment. Aside from his ‘nature freak’ side of him, he has a great personality to him. He never has a foul word to say about anyone. He is a loving father and husband to his kids, sometimes, I don’t think he notices it, but he talks about them quite a bit. He’s an awesome person in so many ways, I know I can talk to him if I need to and we goof around a lot. With all of this said, sure, Michael Vaughan is a big pain in my butt sometimes, he also has a big heart. Now, this is only my opinion, not anyone elses. Someone else may come along and think the COMPLETE opposite, but it’s their word against mine. Believe me, he is one of the worlds best people.

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