Technology By Ashley Worgull


Ashley Worgull

Here at Minarets we are commended for being technologically advanced among other schools. When it comes down to it, technology is going to become more and more advanced as past actions have proven. Whether or not people will be able to keep up is another situation all together. I used to go to another high school before I moved here and transferred schools. In respect of my former school I won’t mention the name. At my former school we had computer classes that were called “information technology” or “careers”. I took these business classes as often as I could and, thought I was “technology oriented”. After coming to Minarets, I realized I was very wrong. I found it odd that no one used paper, or books, or pencils for that matter. After coming to school and finishing my junior year here, I was forced to take a break due to a major family emergency. over the past 10 months, i’ve spent a great amount of time at the childrens hospital, and while there (out of pure boredom) I noticed the machines and technology all around me. As I looked at these machines with great curiosity I began to wonder exactly how they worked, sure one may have monitored blood pressure while another monitored heart rate, but how? These questions usually got the better of me and often led to my interrogation of the nurses. I remember a few months ago, after sitting in the hospital for about 6 hours that day, I looked over to my mom, pointed to a heart rate monitor and asked “how do you think this works?” She simply responded “I don’t care, as long as it does it job”  That statement made me think about how many other people think that way, “I don’t care how my cell phone works, as long as it keeps working” The point is, here at minarets you could take a few steps in any direction and bump into an individual who knows exactly how your laptop works, although if you ask someone at another school or an individual over 40 years old, your answer will most likely be “who cares?” Which naturally prompts me to wonder if people will still be all knowing and passionate about technology after high school, when technology is different and more complex. Technology is not just computers and cell phones, it’s in science and medical advances, security, entertainment, government, school,and work. Technology is everywhere and almost everything and what good will come from knowing how to build a website, when you need to rewire a circuit board? other schools don’t seem to realize this, but im glad minarets does.

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