Minecraft @ Minarets

Minecraft is a fun and creative game that boosts constructive thoughts and productivity. You play as a character named “Steve”. You must acquire objects like wood from trees to build a house. Normally thats how its played but some developers and players have created mods to make thing more interesting like location changes from games. Some mods include Godzilla, Mobzilla, and New York city. The maps that some of the mods consist of can be huge over 250 blocks and two blocks are equal to 5 feet so ya you do the math. Minecraft is google more than the bible, Harry Potter and Justin Bieber. Minecraft also helps in class by an increase in engagement and doing math applications within minecraft. Some students have trouble understanding minecraft but are quickly helped.Mellows class are doing projects that include minecraft are called angles where the students create cities.

In Math 1b students are doing math visualization, a mean of which you do arithmetic without letters instead they use blocks. students are using a server called EDU with separate worlds. Glen Martin and Buddy Day are two students that help in minecraft and understand it a little more than others there might be some other students who also do but those are the only names i got. Future projects include servers so students can interact with each other. The students that are using minecraft are using the system 2 blocks = 5 ft and are building worlds and cities by measuring, i believe thats what they are doing thats what i got from the interview anyways. I asked Mrs. Alvarez if and how she would use minecraft she said she would use it somewhat like Ms.Mello, she would build a maze and have the students go through a maze and when the students stepped on a block a sign would come up with a math question before they could pass.


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