A sons’ revenge

He was near Eleventh street and Brooks in a dark ally when the cars headlights hits him, not physically, just surprised him. He wasn’t expecting the car to arrive until twelve…it was 11:30, he was wondering why they showed up so early. His name was John and as far as anyone who would like to know he had no actual last name, a made up one yes but his real one must be kept secret. By the time the car showed up he was dialing his girlfriends number to tell her he loved her and to tell his son, dart might not be home tonight and if he wasn’t, she would find out why later but he never got the chance to even dial the first three digits of her number. John turned his phone off and placed it back in his jacket pocket and looked at the car as three men came out of it, all three holding Colt Carbine M4’s, a highly dangerous gun used only by the military….well is supposed to be used only by the military anyway. John had supplied them with these weapons and many more for years, he had hoped to have gained their trust, but the Russian’s are unpredictable and thats what makes them dangerous. He watched the russians as they walked towards him, slightly sweating he looked back at the case of guns he had behind him knowing what was inside, 70 MSBS Radon, 80 L85 assault rifles, and 187 m16,s; all of them military grade weapons, very dangerous in the wrong hands.

“What do you have for us today John? I hope to be surprised and you know the consequences if I am not” a thick man wearing all black except for his snow leopard fur coat on his back.  John looked at the two men standing next to the Russian, both men carrying M4’s and sidearms. “I do not think i have disappointed you Serge I have many weapons to help you with you’re Revolution in Vakuda”. The russian goons went over to the boxes behind John and began inspecting them. “What Serge? you don’t trust me or something?”

“Why would I not trust you my friend? it’s not like you’ve failed us once and are lucky to be alive.” Serge smiles and points a gun at John, “no no it would not be a first for you to fail and bring us the guns we really needed but it would be the first time for you to slip and let us find your transmitter…” John turned around to see one of Serges goons holding up the small box that was taking in all of what they were talking about and sending it to an FBI van 2 miles away from where they were. “Now then john you have either two choices call it off or get shot….well actually only one choice..”

Inside of the van three FBI agents were listening to the conversation worries about John and when to rush in they knew they should leave now and save john but something was holding them back. The agents were so busy on what the party on the other side of the radio  were saying they didn’t notice the back door open and a man walk in with a SAR-21. “which is what Serge? Get shot? If you shoot me you won’t be able to get weapons anymore” and than a sound blast of gunfire came through the microphone as they sped off before the man who didn’t have permission to enter the van fell and hit the side of the van making him pass out and trapped in the car.



please leave comments this is the beginning of my own story hoping to make it a book

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