Literature in a technology run world by AnnaRose Chaney

Generations come and pass, and  technology continues to progress.  While the true form of literature and the english language falls into disuse. Books have been the foundation upon which our education stands, and the stem from which our imagination blossoms. Literature has given us the chance to explore different worlds. We’ve been handed the opportunity to sail down the river with Huck and Jim, take the impossible journey with Sam and Frodo, and to even step into the mind of an oppressed and abused race, through the eyes of Anne Frank. Books are our eyes and ears to the world, they speak in a language that we can not. They form the words that we are afraid to say. A quote by Anais Nin says, “The role of the writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say”.

In this modern day world, we have closed our eyes, our minds, and silenced our voices. We have turned off our senses in order to allow technology to think for us. We have forgotten the incomparable beauty of the human language, and the expansion of our minds. There have been great advances in science over the course of years past. There are incredible ways to communicate, travel, learn, and even live. But if we take a look into the past, we will find that for a majority of our country, we have traded patience, knowledge, and understanding for efficiency.

The world has given their minds over to moving pictures and vacant screens. Media offers a respite from the worlds troubles, but with that respite comes dulled senses and idle minds. It offers mostly lethargic limbs and wasted time. The expansion of our mind is halted as we gaze upon a glowing screen, and our thoughts are lulled into a mock state of hibernation. Whereas, literature, does nothing of the sort. It may offer the respite of troubles, but at no cost to our intellect. It offers an even vaster world in which to escape, a world in which our minds and imagination are working together to create.

In this world of luxury and entertainment, a world in which we are blessed to live, there are many marvelous things. Yet, there is nothing that I’ve ever found to be as sublime as a good book. In all the earth, as vast as it may be, no beauty has compared to words placed in the places they are meant to be. For those in search of magic I say to pick up a good book, and there you will find it. For all the generations to come and pass, and all the technology still progress, that is one of the few things that remains true. The world that I choose to live in is a world of books, and far greater is it to live not one life, but many.

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