Education and Technology

Technology, in this age, defines how we live, act, and learn. 10 years ago, the internet, and computers were both a rising technology, becoming more and more prevalent in daily life. Due to this, development  accelerated to an insane degree, fueling the digital age we now live within. This popularity led to innovations making technology easier to use, and more efficient at what it’s used for. Portability became a large factor in several new designs, causing tablets, phones and laptops to dominate consumer technology.

But how has this changed our educational system? A decade ago, computers were very close in function as they are today, the primary difference was in use and power. While there was certainly educational uses for computers, they were primarily aimed at a far younger demographic than High School, generally residing in educational games and interactions. As the technology got better, more portable, and less expensive, options began showing themselves, it was possible to begin outfitting an entire school with technology. One of the major changes in using online based software like google drive in education, is the difference in personal education. Often, assignments are more open ended than previously, as students and teachers are no longer limited by their internal experience or knowledge, or a book, and can instead use the entirety of the internet at their disposal, websites like Wikipedia have risen over other sources, such as libraries, for finding information. This also allows students to specialize, should they find particular nuances of a topic more interesting, they can choose to specifically research that over what a textbook says, or their teacher instructs.

Another benefit is the creative freedom it provides – the vastness of both technology and the internet means a large number of tools allowing the creation of many different things, allowing the student to utilize whatever they wish for whatever project type they wish to accomplish. The technical skill they achieve out of this, by using things like spreadsheets or Xcode, provides students with a small advantage in experience over students without it, especially if they choose a career involving technology. These different methods of tackling the same problem allow a more personal education, and a less tenderized one we would typically see 10 years ago. which is good – we already expect education to become more and more personalized, as it results in more thorough education.

The method’s of communication have vastly changed as well, both between students, and with their educators. Before, projects couldn’t be reliably communicated between students, and life at home was often very separated from life at school; outside of friend groups. However, with social media, cellular phones, and online activities like gaming, the educational world of students and their home life is becoming closer and closer. This makes school a more involved process, as the people they interact with at during education also contact them within their life – particularly with teachers. The ability to have personal, one on one talks through text and email with students teachers allows a less fearful manner for them to ask questions and show concerns on their education.

Technology will undoubtedly continue to change our world, and education is only one aspect of that change. It’s important for us to keep students updated with how they’ll actually live their lives, and not stick to the same cookie cutter methods used 50 years ago.

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