Basic Job Profile > Author


          Authors job description is simple; they compose pieces of writing for advertisements, books, magazines, movie/television scripts, and even songs. In a mundane atmosphere, an author usually chooses a subject that interests readers, come up with fiction or nonfiction in the form of scripts, novels, and biographies. An authors ordinary day can also consist of research to gain knowledge of the topic they’re discussing. One would often work with editors and clients to reform pieces so it they can be published. When finished warping or manipulating the context to better suit its audience, they will present drafts to editors and clients for feedback.

Being an author requires many skills including; the ability to adapt and learn to work well in difficult situations, they have to be creative in order to come up with original material, the tendency to look deeper into situations or ‘critical thinking’, social perceptiveness to understand what others think of their work, and the determination to get the job done.

by Elizabeth Wiles

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