This year’s Permaculture Voices conference was a learning ground in which you were allowed to spend five days surrounded by individuals who have succeeded in sustainable-agriculture. The days were mixed with workshops, keynote talks, and community gatherings known as “cross-pollinating”.

Among the most notable speakers were Paul Stamets, the nation’s leading mycologist, Stefan Sobkowiak, author and star of “The Permaculture Orchard”, and Mark Sheppard, who specializes in water collection on broad-acre farms. For a full list of speakers and descriptions of their talks, you can click through here.

However, PV2 (the second ever Permaculture Voices conference) was more than just a conference. It was a place to expand your mind, meet new people, and gain new confidence in your ideas.

Within this, there were specific tracks in which you could follow. Individuals came from all over the world, thus were seeking different things with different goals in mind. Some people were looking to get a business of the ground, fittingly they followed the business track. Others were interested in urban farming, therefore they would go to the Urban track which included speakers such as Curtis Stone and Ben Kotnik.

In Minarets news, our own Matt Powers was invited to be a speaker for the inFive session, which were a series of five minute talks. Matt talked about his extremely successful Kickstarter campaign for his K-12 Permaculture program titled, “The Permaculture Student”. It was by this that enabled two Minarets students, and fellow permaculturists, to attend. Mr. Powers also gave mention to an SLE for putting a food forest in place at our school.

By: Bowe Peelman and Emma Zawolkow

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