Word Portrait: Showcasing Rose

This is a look into the life of Rose Morgan on December 17th 2014.

We visit her in her creative writing class where she vigorously brainstorms for a new project.

Q: What is your most favorite story and why?

R: Honestly, I think my favorite novel is the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This is because it’s a fictional story that depicts a real life resolution. It’s not “happily-ever-after”, it portrays real emotion and real people.

Q: What are some dreams of yours and why?

R: I have a dream to go to San Diego state to study things such as psychology, cultural anthropology, world history and such. I want to study these things because I love to travel, and journalism fancies me. Through these studies, I can further my practice and in turn fulfill my dream.

Q: If you had unlimited opportunities to fulfill one of these dreams for one day, which one would you do and why?

R: I would travel, because I really am determined to meet new people, who experience different cultures, and share in the human experience in many different ways.


an article by Eric Ham, group three.


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