SLE Exclusive: Haunted House

Here at Minaret’s High School, every senior student is expected to produce an, “SLE” or Senior Legacy Experience. Each one is unique, and designed to showcase who the individual student is as a person. They’re also meant to aid a certain cause. In this case the seniors Taylor Ferguson & Kylie Plantaz decided to host a haunted house to benefit the Extreme P.E. class. They gave us some thoughts on the SLE process:

Coming into the year, did you know that this was going to be your project?

(T.F.) No we didn’t have an idea then we sat down with Smoljan (P.E. Teacher) and we came up with the haunted house.

SLE’s are meant to be an enjoyable experience and we inquired how Taylor Ferguson & Kylie Plantaz enjoyed  theirs:

Was the experience more or less than you thought it was?

(T.F.) It was a really good experience, I just wish it hadn’t rained.

How was the overall outcome?

(TF.) It was a bust. We had to cut it short due to weather and we didn’t break even.

It seems that although it rained during Halloween, (at the time of their SLE) they thought that it was a valuable experience. They also had some advice to other seniors who are planning and carrying out their SLE’s.

Advice for people with upcoming projects:

(T.F.)  Don’t think “I don’t need to do that now, I have time.” you don’t have enough time.

– Emily Ward & Bowe Peelman

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