The Importance of Life Skills in Education

While the primary purpose of education is academic, many forget the side goal of life preparation. Classes involving this like life sciences, economics, and driver’s programs are vital to teaching students how to survive on their own. Education is important, in all regards, not simply earning high scores on standardized tests. It’s understandable why the educational system doesn’t focus on this – they expect the parents of students to handle this aspect of their education. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for guardians to neglect this, and the child has few ways to combat it.

One of the most important of these classes is Drivers Education, I didn’t personally realise how important this was until my family asked why there hadn’t been any papers or anything relating to this. They were shocked at the lack of such a class, due to it’s importance within their own high school career. They also participated in several life skill classes. The only comparable classes our school offers is government and economics, and statistics. Even these have been heavily modified into more academic forms when compared to classes the previous generation took.

One of the classes in this category that our school supports is Government and economics. However, the work within this class can be equated to little more than busywork. I’ve spoken to several students regarding this class, who hold similar opinions. This doesn’t mean the class is useless, as it does train the individual for the kind of simple work one could expect in an office or otherwise corporate position. The class just doesn’t teach life skills, other than basic economical math and basic governmental systems.

    Ultimately, I think it’d be a good idea for students to push for more life based classes within our school. The benefit these classes could provide to future adults is something to go for, even if our current generation won’t get to benefit from it. The most important of these is some kind of driver’s education prep class, to help kick start student’s lives and help them start planning their future past high school.

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