Rose No Middle Name Morgan

Rose Morgan is a great person who is kind to everyone, and wise beyond her years. She is extremely intelligent, and very easy going. The first day I met her I told her we would be great friends, and now we are. I asked her a few simple questions and here are her answers.

What is your favorite class at minarets? 
I like them all, but my favorite teacher is probably Mr. Kelly.

What do you think about life in general?
 Life is great even if it’s hard sometimes. There will always be that hopeful silver lining, even if it’s not exactly what you want every day.
What do you think of Mr. Vaughan?
He’s a new teacher, I’m sure that he is going to become a great one after of a lot of years of terrible teenagers and rough days.
What is your favorite movie and why?
Probably the Great Gatsby, it seems real. It’s not a fake movie where the guy gets the girl in the end. It seems like a real outtake on life. I love how nobodies perfect. I love the book too.
Who’s your favorite rapper?
Drake (says Remi).
What do you like about people?
I like how no person is the same, and there’s always more to find out about that person.
What is the best date of the year?  
My birthday :).
What is your middle name?
I actually have no middle name.

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