The Minarets weather has finally been different than normal. For enjoys normal forever?

The weather has been clear skies with a sprinkling of tiny puffs of cloud here and there. However, as the temperature is fluctuating, we’re seeing the morning chills of Autumn come around. The mornings leave you shivering, which then bleeds into another warm day. Following through, the night realm goes back to its chilly nature.

We’re seeing a lot more clouds now, and not just the summery white, but the sleek grays and darker ashes. It’s truly a beautiful sight against the blue backdrop. I always look at it as the clouds shaping the sky. Sometimes the clouds blanket the whole skies!


Recently we experienced a shower of cold rain! Such a relief, am I right? Maybe now the plants will thrive again. There was even some snow up in the higher altitudes. I personally hope it rains again soon, we still desperately need it.

As Autumn shows its face to us every day, expect things to only get chillier! Make sure to wear a light jacket for now.


-Beth Wilson

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