The Minarets Staff! -Brianna Roland-

I would like to thank the Minarets staff. The staff at Minarets have been extremely great. They have been helpful, supporting and more. The staff that we have at Minarets are one of the best because they understand you and they will support you through everything. They will help you achieve your dreams and get you on the right track to be successful. I’m only a sophomore but when I first came here last year, the staff were so welcoming to the freshman, and same goes for this year too! The staff at Minarets work extremely hard to accommodate your needs. They want to see you be successful and they want to help you get you on your way, even if you are a freshman! I am truly blessed to go to a high school with such amazing staff because having staff that understands what you want to do and is willing to help you achieve it is incredible awesome! So, on the behalf of the Minarets students I would like to say a big Thank you! 🙂

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