Wondering-(a short introduction to a story)-Rose Morgan

Fifteen-thousands years in the future the Earth will explode. Leaving nothing but debris and ash floating through space, being sucked in to black holes, crashing into planets, and moons. When this happens the galaxy will be barely affected. Earth is only a small planet, brown and gray from all of the pollution with a 3% water mass covering the world. Earth will be deserted, the humans would be spread out across the stars and they will be living in happiness. Right now is the year of the plague, I’ve heard that throughout history there have been plagues that spread all over the world. The symptoms are sore stomachs, bad headaches, bleeding from your ears, mouth, and nose. As well as losing your fingernails, teeth, hair, and body mass. I have no family, no relation with any one, just a wanderer that travels to all places manageable. I’ve traveled through Gherardo, Han-led, Kan-grid, and Marth learning about the cultures and traditions of the four countries. Living on the streets, scavenging for scraps of food, and hiding from the troops of guards looking for outlaws.

You are now most likely wondering what the end of the Earth has to do you with me, and to tell you the truth nothing. It’s how I know the world will end is what should pull you in and wonder how I could possibly be able tell you. Well, you see I’ve been alive for one hundred and fifty years,  and I have seen barely anything compared to the wonders out there in the universe.

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