Art In The Digital Age

Technology is constantly changing, giving the opportunity to create amazing things and to share interests in new ways. Some people think that this innovative learning tool is drowning out the traditional methods, making the students who use it to learn to become dull, unable to revert back to ‘pencil and paper’. This is true to a degree, and ensuring access to quality education for all students is an imperative, but in some ways it is almost necessary in order to stay ahead in our competitive world. I say we need to find a healthy balance of the two. Currently there are two major problems with using technology to learn. Smaller of the two, losing the need for writing, automated systems make things too easy, allowing our minds to slip into a muddy daze. Secondly, we are losing our art programs due to slacked funding and disinterest. People aren’t motivated enough creatively. It might be interesting to invest in pens and tablets, to allow room for digital artwork, because if the world is in fact becoming completely dependent on technology, that’s where the promising careers in this field seem to be. Digital Design.


(Portgas D. Ace/Lyric Piccolotti)


(Skywise/Lyric Piccolotti)


(Crona/Lyric Piccolotti)

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