Anything For You – A Short Story By Kristy Berry

“Mr.Cross, are you listening to me? Did you or did you not kill Miss Dailey?”

I stared out at the jurors in disbelief. How did I get here? How could I, a seventeen year old boy, be asked if I had killed someone? It doesn’t make sense. It shouldn’t make sense.  I guess it’s Jasmine’s fault. I always knew she was trouble, but did I leave? No. She killed Dailey, not me. Jasmine is evil; the kind of evil that leaves you feeling drained.

   Yet, somehow I love her.

   I’m addicted to her. Without her, I can never feel full. It drives me to the point where sometimes I think I’m crazy. I probably am, because I know inside what she truly is. I’m somehow enchanted by her brown circles of cold soul; one look into her eyes and I can’t look away. I’d do anything for her…

   … She killed someone! I saw her do it! She pulled out a knife stuck it into Dailey’s body and twisted, she didn’t even flinch, not even a single blink of the eye. I’ll never forget the look on Dailey’s face. How fast her lips went from a smirk to total shock. It was as if her whole body was frozen. As she fell to her knees Jasmine got an unsettling look of fulfillment. She walked away calm and cool like she had just taken out the trash.

   What had Dailey done to her to deserve this? Sure Dailey could’ve used a good slap, but death? I saw it coming too. Dailey was all she ever talked about; “I hate her, she’s ugly, she’s stupid.” Petty words, yet when Jasmine said them they were filled with such hatred and disgust you shivered. I was the one who grabbed the knife out of Dailey’s limp body, holding her in my arms as Jasmine strutted away. I was the one who called the police, and now I was the one being accused.

   “Mr. Cross!” The powerful voice shook me out of my thoughts.

   “I um…” I looked over at my lawyer, his eyes begging me to say no.

   Suddenly the doors to the courtroom burst open; the sound such a relief. Jasmine glided in passing the long rows of benches that shook with the nerves of the people that occupied them. She walked in with such certainty. The repelling green floor seeming to only make her look better. She licked her full lips, almost teasing me and smiled slyly looking over at Dailey’s parents. Dailey’s mom began to sob into her husbands sunken shoulders. The room seemed to be accusing me. Its bright lights glaring at me.

   “Mr.Cross, this isn’t acceptable, you must answer the question. I know this is hard for you, but please realize we need to get to the bottom of this. Did you kill Miss Dailey?”

   I looked over at Jasmine, she was staring at me. I fought the urge to stare back at her but pulled my eyes away.  Everyone in the room was staring at me. I felt all their eyes on me as if they were a million red ants crawling over my body.

   “Yes, yes I did.”

   The words came out so fast, I thought I’d instantly regret it, but I didn’t.

As they handcuffed my wrists I watched, hopeful as she walked away.

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