Schoolwide Technology Deployed

Those of us who don’t own our own laptops were very happy to receive our school MacBooks last week.  After having no laptop all summer, it feels like being reunited with an old friend.  Mr. Sparks and our student tech support team distributed over 500 devices in two and a half days.  As a part of the tech support team, I was a witness to the madness behind the scenes.  Every laptop had to be charged, tested, cleaned, and given to the right people.  Let me tell you, we need a class on how to take care of your laptops, because some of the ones we went through were monstrosities; some were broken, some were missing screws, and some were just disgustingly dirty.  I was afraid I was going to get some disease after touching these computers, and we went through a half a bottle of hand sanitizer in less than a week.  I’m still alive though, and it was a lot of fun hanging out in the IT room all day.  I hope all students are happy to finally have the technology that is part of what makes this school so great.  I know I am!

I want to acknowledge my fellow geeks: Jacob Paskell, Austin Boatright, Jared Dowell, Nicholas Cochrane, Samuel Peterson, Chad King, Mitchell Hendry, and of course our wonderful IT teacher John Sparks.  Great job guys!


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