Child Abuse- Brianna Roland

Article Summary: Child abuse is any act commission or omission that endangers a child’s physical or emotional health and or development. Child abuse is any damage done to the child. Child abuse has always and continues to be a problem in the USA. There are several forms of child abuse. Some including Physical, neglect, sexual abuse etc. Every ten seconds the are reports of child abuse and approximately 1 out of 4 children die from abuse. That is almost 70% percent of the children in the USA.



What I think: Honestly, what I think about child abuse is that people should do something about it.  Child abuse has been a big problem and its really only getting worse. Children really don’t have a choice on being born nor do they have the choice of getting abused. One of the main reason children are being abused is because their parents were abused when they were children, so they grew up being beaten, so they just take from there childhood. Children deserve to be in a loving home because it will impact their life so much.. So we should really try to stop child abuse because who knows how many lives we could save by putting a stop to it.

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