The Perks of YouTube!

Everyone loves YouTube, right? It’s such an easy way to watch videos, listen to music, browse for your favorite celebrities, or even keep up with your friends. Accessible anywhere, everyone knows that YouTube is a national phenomenon, a major hit on the web for years. However, what some viewers fail to realize is that it’s not just an archive for your favorite hits and interviews, it’s an opportunity for potential artists to show themselves, get recognized. Of course this is no secret, but I was scrolling down on my playlists and noticed how many “unheard of” singers there are. Millions of people, young and old, possess talent and I think YouTube is a wonderful way of presenting yourself!

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Wondering-(a short introduction to a story)-Rose Morgan

Fifteen-thousands years in the future the Earth will explode. Leaving nothing but debris and ash floating through space, being sucked in to black holes, crashing into planets, and moons. When this happens the galaxy will be barely affected. Earth is only a small planet, brown and gray from all of the pollution with a 3% water mass covering the world. Earth will be deserted, the humans would be spread out across the stars and they will be living in happiness. Right now is the year of the plague, I’ve heard that throughout history there have been plagues that spread all over the world. The symptoms are sore stomachs, bad headaches, bleeding from your ears, mouth, and nose. As well as losing your fingernails, teeth, hair, and body mass. I have no family, no relation with any one, just a wanderer that travels to all places manageable. I’ve traveled through Gherardo, Han-led, Kan-grid, and Marth learning about the cultures and traditions of the four countries. Living on the streets, scavenging for scraps of food, and hiding from the troops of guards looking for outlaws.

You are now most likely wondering what the end of the Earth has to do you with me, and to tell you the truth nothing. It’s how I know the world will end is what should pull you in and wonder how I could possibly be able tell you. Well, you see I’ve been alive for one hundred and fifty years,  and I have seen barely anything compared to the wonders out there in the universe.

Yummy Homemade Brownies -Vanessa Sanchez

Items needed:

  • Brownie mix of your choice or you can start from scratch!
  • If you start from scratch you’ll need 4 cups of flour and 3 cups of Chocolate powder
  • You’ll need 2 eggs for 24 brownies
  • 2 cups of Milk (any kind of milk is fine)
  • 9-14 inch pan (24 Brownies)
  • working Oven
  • Patience

Step 1: Preheat oven to 250 degrees

Step 2: Place brownie mix (Flour and chocolate ) in a bowl and stir in milk & eggs.

Step3: Stir ’till the batter looks like a thick paste

Step 4: Place batter in a pan. With a spatula spread smoothly and evenly across the pan

Step 5 : Grab oven mitts and place pan in the center of the top layer of the oven (Warning : Oven will be really hot)

Step 6: Wait for 30-40 min. and this is wear the patience comes in

Step 7: Using a fork, poke the corner of the pan and if the dough is on the fork , wait an additional 7 mins then poke again

Step 8: Take the pan out and place on a oven safe rack. Wait 4-8 Min to cool.

Step 9: Grab a knife and cut into square peaces

Step10: Using a spatula place the brownies on the a plate

Step 11: Enjoy, with your choice of drink 🙂


As many know, Apple, a company usually known for its reliable products, has made quite a quality oversight. The topic of iPhone 6 Plus bending has quickly risen in social media. And why wouldn’t it? An iPhone 6 Plus, with upgrade eligibility, is $299.99. To have such an expensive device be bent with the gentle pressure of a front pocket seems insane. However, the negative publicity has blown-up the issue to be much more that it really should be.


This video here shows that with pressure the phone does bend. Obviously, this isn’t a typical situation. Realistically this is much more pressure than would ever be applied. This is demonstrated when he tries to bend the phone back – the screen cracks.
If you believe that you need to protect your iPhone 6 Plus, consider buying a case, investing in insurance, or just putting the device in your pocket top-down.

Are First Impressions Important in Writing?

Among the realm of written critique is a form of review called first impressions. Generally, these types of reviews are about short, easy to see observations that a consumer might want to know about in a product. They can be useful for gaining a quick opinion about something you may be interested in buying, or for helping you get a little information about a subject. Now, it’s easy to say that first impressions are important when it comes to selling something, but does that same importance translate over to other categories of prose? Are first impressions really that big of a deal?

It’s not uncommon to hear that the intro to a short story should be intriguing. After all, what else could help keep people hooked with a story then an interesting intro? While this idea is a little overused, it’s definitely effective. Stories that are boring, or take a lot of thought at the start, are more likely to lose the interest of a reader then a story that has some form of hook to it. The problem is that stories can still be very successful without a good intro, so something else must be in play, right?

I would argue that when you first look at a block of text in ANY genre, the first thing you will notice is the formatting. Things like paragraphs and a good font may not take much skill to utilize, but they have a lot of impact on someone’s opinion of a story at a first glance. This could be because good formatting can make the text look more organized, and therefore present the story as being worked on with care. Having a unappealing story can mask good writing, so taking care of your formatting is important.

Written ByWikipedia: Written By is a 2009 Hong Kong fantasy drama film co-written, produced, and directed by Wai Ka-Fai, and starring Lau Ching-Wan and Kelly Lin. Lau plays a lawyer who is killed in an accident, leaving behind his wife, daughter, and son. He is resurrected as a character in his daughter’s novel, where he finds himself a grieving husband who lost his family and his sight during a car accident, living in an alternate reality. The film premiered at the New York Asian Film Festival in June 2009, and was released theatrically in Hong Kong on 10 July 2009.

The Perception of Law Enforcment

In the past decade, the way the population views law enforcement has changed dramatically, at least when referring to how media portrays them. Gradually, as the forms of online media and conversational sites have improved, the mistakes of government and any other kind of enforcement are more easily spoken about. Due to the nature of news, and users attempting to gain attention, Law enforcement has been receiving several blows to their credibility, with posts on reddit detailing mistakes they claim the police have performed, to news cast bringing up accidental innocent injury and other mishaps impossible to avoid in the field. Before the current style of communication, this wasn’t an issue, but now, this has finally molded into a new sort of mentality, usually regarding the police as incompetent or undeserving of their status. Which is a real shame, considering the large number of good individuals willing to risk their time, lives, and now, dignity, protecting the public.

The outlook on officers commonly displayed by the younger generations is poisonous, creating a disregard to authority, along with an increased likelihood to simply break protocols for enjoyment. It’s unfortunate this outlook has been forced on Law enforcement, when they should be looked upon as, while not necessarily heroes, at least human. Many of the posts and slang regarding officers refers to them in very inhumane fashion, such as referring to them as animals such as pigs or hounds, Anything the public can grasp onto to help delude themselves from the fact that the average officer is simply a human doing their job. People don’t seem to take into consideration the sacrifice one has to go through for law enforcement, not only are you hated by the criminals, but now, disliked by those their saving as well, who are they fighting for?

Individuals of law enforcement are commonly the most level headed of the population, despite public consensus, and for good reason. As taught to concealed carry users, those in a position of power have to constantly be cooling situations off, due to the automatically dangerous nature of an engagement with a weapon carrying individual. These people are usually the best at keeping control of their emotions and remaining logical of all the population, it’s required for the job quota, they go through weeks of training for this purpose, self control. The power hungry cop often described in media isn’t realistic. Yes, they may exert force if one’s resisting, but they are always acting to the best of their ability to protect others. It’s easy to forget the number of wrong choices they have in front of them, far more than right choices, every situation an officer finds himself in will display a huge number of possible outcomes, they have to use their training and natural intuitiveness to formulate which outcome is the best – It’s not surprising they sometimes make mistakes, it’s our job to forgive them.

Hopefully, the wounded state of this generation will heal, and realize how important law enforcement is, given time. It would certainly provide more motivation for the officers themselves, to be cheered upon, rather then scolded. Simply thinking of the stress of knowing how many possible situations could arise when dealing with the worse half of the population is distressing. Fortunately, we don’t have to, due to the bravery of our nation’s best.

How to present like a professional

As you may know, Minarets is building their system as what is being called a “Project Based School”. I can speak from experience that this is going to mean a HUGE amount of presentations in your time here. A presentation is a bit like a speech, and sometimes literally is a speech. Basically the presenter takes the topic or subject, makes a slideshow of it, then presents it in front of an audience. You will often be making educational presentations, where you will be teaching the audience of the topic using your knowledge. But sometimes you might do something different, like present an idea for instance. The main problem people have with presentations, is getting up in front of audience and publicly speaking. This is understandable for everyone, public speaking is one of the most common fears. Perhaps the reason some people fear it, is because they fear they don’t have the ability or talent to be a good presenter. And that is what this is for, I will give you some advice on how to make better presentations and be a better presenter. Making your future presentations easier to make and present, and making them more enjoyable and interesting to your audience.

I’m not going to pretend that from the start, I’ve always been a natural presenter who has always been able to knock it out of the park ever since I got here. I’ve only been able to build up my skill over time with experience and what has been taught to me. I highly doubt anyone is a natural presenter, and I was no different. In my freshman year I was really nervous, and quirks in my speech, and just wanted to get back to my seat as soon as possible. The way I learned, was by making presentation after presentation, having them critiqued over and over again by students and teachers alike, and by having healthy presenting techniques taught to me by other professionals. It’s amazing how good you can get when all that adds up, and I hope the same can happen for you.

Get over the fear of presenting

Of course it’s wrong to over simplify this, really this issue practically requires its own article. However this is the main thing that will keep you from presenting in a confident manner. This fear comes from the possibility of being embarrassed in front of a large group of people, which is more likely to happen if you’re not a good presenter. Because of this, people with this fear dread presenting and avoid it as much as possible.

Are you not confident in your ability to make presentations and present them? Then practice! Even just rehearsing your presentation before presenting it goes a long way. If you do that, you’ll have more of a plan when you’re in the spotlight, and you’ll feel more comfortable. Trust me, relying on improv when you’re presenting will often not keep you at ease when presenting, this goes double for people who aren’t good at improv. You try it that way, you’ll find yourself stumbling over your speech and forgetting where you were going on your current slide, then you’ll awkwardly progress to the next slide. Your ability in presenting doesn’t just have to be restricted to personal practice, there are articles like this one all over the internet to help you hone your skills as a presenter. So if you want to go the extra mile, then research! Learn from good presenters and apply them to your own presentations.

Maybe it’s not your own ability your worried about, but the audience. The more primary reason people are afraid of presenting, is because they’re afraid of being judged by the audience. Well let’s think about who your audience is. Let’s say you’re in the Science class for your grade, then who are you presenting to? A couple dozen students that are nearly the same age and are the same grade as you. As presenters none of you are that different. You are all a little afraid of presenting, afraid of being judged, and likely have average knowledge about the topic you want to present. They aren’t going to judge you as harshly as you think, especially if you do a good job, then they’ll be impressed. Just remember, they aren’t all Steve Jobs level presenters, they’re students just like you.

What to AVOID when presenting

There are common mistakes that almost every presenter has done at least once, it’s ok if you’ve done them yourself before, the important part is that you never do it again.

Do not use too much text per slide. You’re not making a novel, don’t make your audience read one. Your presentation is meant to be the visual aid to YOU, not the other way around. If you put an entire paragraph on a single slide, not only will it look silly, but your audience will likely refuse to read it and ignore the slide completely. If you have content on your slide you think is essential to your overall presentation, you don’t want that to happen. You want visuals on your slides, mainly images. If you use text, keep it short and to the point, you’re the one presenting, not the slideshow. One common tactic, is to have bullet points that goes on what your slide is about, and you go over each bullet point and expand on it. This gives your audience little to read, and more reason to give all their attention to you and what you have to say.

Do not talk too quietly or quickly. You will be usually be presenting to an average sized classroom, if someone is sitting at the back and they can’t hear you, then them watching your presentation is pointless. Also don’t speak so quickly that everyone can’t understand you, even if you’re nervous just focus. What you have to say is the most important part of your presentation, if that’s broken then your entire presentation is in jeopardy. Remember to raise your voice and speak at a good speed. If you need help raising your voice, pretend you’re talking to the person farthest away from you. Your instincts will naturally set your volume so they can hear you. And don’t worry about being disruptive, you have the stage, you’re all that matters when you’re presenting.

Do NOT read your slides word for word. This is the most common and most annoying offender. Your audience can easily read what’s up there, they don’t need you to interpret for them. Your audience will notice it immediately, and will likely become bored from your presentation as a result. This will make you look like you aren’t confident enough on your topic to simply speak about it, and it will make you look like an amateur. This is where rehearsing is important, know what you want to say on a slide before you present. Also make sure you know your topic enough that you can naturally talk about it. At this point you have had time to research your topic enough you could be an expert, prove it to your audience and blow them away with your knowledge!

Do not look away from your audience, this goes hand in hand with reading your slides. When you’re reading your slides, you’re probably going to be looking at the wall next to you and not your audience. Or even worse, turning your side to them. But if you know your topic enough that you don’t have to stare at the wall, where do your eyes go? Well why not towards the people you’re talking to? You don’t necessarily have to look them in the eye (but it will be better if you do), just look at them, it will go a long way.

How to present like a good presenter

Know your topic. You want to know it to the point you don’t need a slideshow, if you can know it to the point you can talk about it naturally, it can make your presentation into an excellent one. This will also keep you from reading off your slides, because why would you need to if you know your topic? An audience will always enjoy a presenter who knows what he’s talking about, and can convey his message to the audience well.

Bring your personality. it doesn’t matter if you know everything about your topic, and are completely confident up there. If you’re going to be a boring and monotone presenter, the audience will become bored. So smile, use hand gestures and be funny and interesting (but if you aren’t funny, I’d recommend you don’t TRY to be funny).

Engage your audience. This will happen by default if you are presenting well. If you know your topic and are conveying the message, staying interesting as you present, and keeping your eyes on the audience, they will always be more inclined to listen to you and what you have to say. And a presentation that the audience ends up enjoying, will make it far more memorable.

Use examples and be prepared for questions. One thing that helps the audience understand that confusing thing you’re talking about, is using an example. What’s better? To say canines typically have long muzzles, upright ears, teeth adapted for cracking bones and slicing flesh, long legs and bushy tails? Or to say that examples of canines are dogs, wolves, foxes and coyotes? And know your topic enough that you’re ready for questions. One thing that can even stump good presenters is when they’re asked a question they weren’t ready to answer. There’s no real way to rehearse for a question before hearing it, so the main thing to do, is know your topic enough, and consider what questions they might ask if they do

With all this you have a very good start to being a good presenter, at Minarets this will go a long way. How well you present is very important to your grade, and it shouldn’t be held back because you made some simple mistakes. So learn to never make those rookie mistakes, and always make a presentation that the audience will love.

By Jesse Weinert